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Implementations / Fence for horses in Podlasie

Fence for horses in Podlasie

Long electric fence of a higher standard (due to high vegetation) for horses, built by POMELAC Sp. z o.o. A durable, well-conductive SUPER tape, L-1330 polypropylene posts, and an energizer SECUR SUN 33W with a solar panel, connected to a SUPER lightning arrester were used. Every 50 m, wooden posts with ISOTENS tensioning insulators. The gate is constructed on wooden posts with IRUANGLE insulators and elastic gates for horses.

A powerful energizer with a 12 V battery, powered by a solar panel, guarantees excellent impulse parameters even with tall vegetation. Additional I-PULSE and ECO options reduce battery energy consumption, making the energizer largely autonomous and the need to charge the battery separately is reduced or completely eliminated, depending on the conditions on the fence and sunlight. Nevertheless, you should monitor the battery power consumption on the display from time to time.