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2 275,50 zł

Nr kat. 201-020-029

  • Peak voltage: 15 000 V
  • Output energy: 500 to 5000 mJ
  • Stored energy: 6000 mJ
  • Power of 12V (by battery)
  • Delivered with solar panel of 33W, as a battery charger
  • Battery charge control
  • Detection of vegetation level near fence
  • I-PULSE technology
  • Warranty of 3 years

I-PULSE technology  

The energizer uses low voltage testing impulse to check whether an animal touched the fence or not. Only in case of a contact, main impulse is sent.

Advantages of I- PULSE technology

  1. This device send as strong impulse as mains-powered energizer does (5000 mJ), but only when it’s necessary.
  2. The energizer with I-PULSE technology (technology of intelligent impulse) uses even only 1/10 of energy used by an energizer without this device.
  3. I-PULSE technology provides longer work of your energizer.

Exclusive I-PULSE technology patented by LACME gained an award during SIMA Trade Shows 2011.

Secur Sun 33W set is delivered with solar panel of 33W equipped with a regulator.

Sale packages: 1 pc.

Code CN: 85437060

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