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About us

For 25 years, Pomelac has specialized in the production and sale of electric fences. We also provide technical consulting, serving clients with our professional knowledge. We specialize in production at a high technological level, which we are constantly improving. Pomelac is a leader in the production and distribution of energizers (electric shepherds) and elements of electric fences for pastures, and our customers have trusted us for many years. The company has been awarded many times for business achievements, and our products have received numerous awards.

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Electric shepherd: which one to choose?

The pasture where the animals live requires an appropriate fence that will prevent animals from escaping, but also protect them from predators. Farmers fencing off not only pastures but also their crops. More and more often you hear about the plundering of corn or potatoes by wild boars, roe deer and deer. In order to prevent this, an electric shepherd should be properly selected.