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Fence configurator

1. Choose a product

Choice of fence rods. Choice the hight and type of rod. In spite of the fact that Pomelac does not sell wood rods, they will be included in summary. Order them by yourself, please.

Fencepost height:

Net height:

Choice of insulators. Choose the type, please.

The method of attachment

Insulator length

Choice of a conductor. Choose the type, please.

Calculation of the quantity of materials needed to fence building. Write numbers into the gaps with parameters. Some of the gaps may be inactive or already defined which results from previously made choices and serves a proper fence construction. For solid fences, please take into consideration wood corner rods by yourself. There is one item for every fence angle and breakdown.

Distance between fenceposts:

Choose a type of gate, please.

Choose in what conditions the fence will be used.

Choose the type of tool supplying the fence with power, please.