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Nr kat. 201-010-018

  • Peak voltage: 15 000 V
  • Maximum output energy: 6000 mJ
  • Alternative output for reduced power: 1200 mJ
  • Digital display allows checking vegetation growth
  • Immediate fence control by means of graphic indicators and accurate voltage display numbers
  • Voltage test LED bar
  • Adapted for response devices or autodiagnosis
  • Lamp for return lead of electric fence

The best energizer, that has all built-in! Intelligent extreme high power mains-powered energizer to be used in extreme conditions: long fence, ground with excessive vegetation growth, uncontrollable animals. Digital display allows checking fence condition whenever needed. In addition, lamp controls that facilitate checking proper earthing and electric flow.

LACME HTE technology (HVE =High Volts Energy). These new energisers adapt themselves to the evolving constaints of the electric fencing environment.

Sale packages: 1 pc.

Code CN: 85437060

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