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EBS 872/M with 10W solar panel

Nr kat. 101-020-010-02

  • Perfect for medium and short fences, distant from buildings
  • For animals easy to keep inside electric fence: horses, dairy cows, poultry, etc.
  • 10W solar panel recharging 7Ah 12V battery
  • Solid, durable construction, for every conditions
  • Maximum peak voltage: 8 000 V
  • Maximum supplied energy: 400 mJ
  • Awarded with gold medal (Category: Novelty) during II International Trade Shows‘Cattle, pigs and poultry farm’
  • 3 years warranty

What’s in the set: EBS battery operated energiser, connecting wires for battery, 7Ah 12V battery, 10W solar panel, “warning-electric fence” plate (polish language), operations manual, device frame/grounding stake.

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