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Nr kat. 201-010-034

  • Mains-powered supply of 230 V/ 50 Hz
  • Maximum peak voltage: 10 000 V
  • Input energy: 25 000 mJ
  • Output energy: up to 15 000 mJ
  • MULTI PULSTRONIC impulse technology
  • Numeric display
  • Designed for enormous electric fences or for being used in extremely hard conditions

The device measures fence conditions and adapts energy for an animal.

After proper installation of the device, electric impulse is always sufficient to scare away the animal without exceeding the norm, irrespective of weather conditions or vegetation level.
It is advised to keep vegetation at low level in order to decrease energy consumption of the device.

For proper functioning UBISON 15J needs perfect insulation, this is why the use of 5 earthing rods is advised.

Sale packages: 1 pc.

Code CN: 85437060

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