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1 107,00 zł

Nr kat. 201-010-029

  • Peak voltage: 15 000 V
  • Changeable output energy: 500 up to 3000 mJ (12 V)/ 500 up to 900 mJ (9 V)
  • Power of (advisable) 12 V- 9 V
  • Regulated by control knob
  • 3- colour power supply test
  • Eco 1/5 function
  • Accu’ Protect
  • Battery exhaustion compensator
  • Energy recuperator
  • Compatible with Bip’ controle
  • Clip for solar panel installing

The favorite choice of hunting associations and sheep farmers. This device is powered by battery of 12V and has the same power as mains- powered energizer. Designed for long and very long fences, for use in hard conditions and uncontrollable animals. Equipped with power changer, perfect for protection of farming and sheep.
ATTENTION! After setting the device, remember about proper position of regulator’s knob, due to battery saving.

Sale packages: 1 pc.

Code CN: 85437060

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