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Nr kat. 201-010-025

  • Peak voltage: 15 000 V
  • Maximum output energy: 6000 mJ
  • Energy at 500 Ohm: < or = 5700 mJ
  • Digital display allows checking vegetation growth
  • Voltage test LED bar
  • Immediate fence control by means of graphic indicators and accurate voltage display numbers
  • Adapted for response devices or autodiagnosis
  • Lamp for return lead of electric fence
  • Warnings against fence line cuts
  • Alternative output for reduced power: 1200 mJ
  • Length of a fence in:
    ideal conditions – 55km
    medium conditions – 10km
    hard conditions – 5km
  • Wireless connection between energizer and ALARM CONTROL (up to 5m)
  • ALARM CONTROL have built-in sound alarm and alarm light
  • ALARM CONTROL uses low-voltage for operation
  • ALARM CONTROL can be operated with additional sound alarm siren and alarm flash
  • L.BOX device compatibility
  • 3 years warranty

The best energizer!

ALARM CONTROL informs user in real-time using built-in sound alarm and alarm lamp, when SECUR 2600-DAC HTE finds problems as broken fence line or voltage lower than 2500 V, no connection to energizer or response devices, etc…

LACME HTE technology (HVE =High Volts Energy). These new energisers adapt themselves to the evolving constaints of the electric fencing environment.

Sale packages: 1 pc.

Code CN: 85437060

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