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L.BOX device

Nr kat. 201-010-024-03

  • L.BOX device (without energiser) with software application installed on smartphone 
  • L.BOX device operates as relay between smartphone and energiser connected to the fence
  • Available compatible energisers: SECUR 2600-DAC HTE with ALARM CONTROL, SECUR 2600-RF, SECUR 2400-RF.

L.BOX Software Application:

  • Oversee state of up to two energisers in real time 
  • Oversee voltage state on the fence 
  • Receive notifications if there is problem with the fence
  • Remotely turn on/off energiser
  • Many users can see the same energisers in realtime  
  • Functionality of creating allarms set off by customizable minimal level of voltage on the fence 
  • Application Lacme LBox requires smarthone with ANDROID operating system installed
  • Application have english localization version

L.BOX is an additionan device, by which your energiser can be connected with smartphone. Connected to Internet, it should be istalled inside buildings, close to energiser (recommended less than 5m distance between L.BOX and energiser, without any metal obstacles and thick walls in between).

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